I love science but I also love…

I love science but I also love…


As a boy, my dad designed model aeroplanes for me, I built them and we both used to fly them. Later, as a student, I flew models with a friend and his father – who only had one eye. His frequent navigational mishaps taught me never to underestimate the value of two good working eyes, particularly with regard to distance perception!

I’m still fascinated by the concept of flight and have been very fortunate to fly in a number of different types of aircraft including: aerobatics in a Tiger Moth, a hot air balloon, a glider, a helicopter, a sea-plane, a hovercraft (does that count???) and sky diving in none of the above. Unfortunately, I’ll never be able to add Concorde to my list.

Associate Professor Nigel Barnett is a senior scientist at the Queensland Eye Institute. Read his Scientists of QEI feature here


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