A science hero of mine is…

A science hero of mine is…

…Professor Majid Samii.

Professor Samii is a world renowned Iranian scientist in neurological surgery, and the founder of the International Neuroscience Institute in Hanover, Germany. In 2014, he was named the world top neurosurgeon and received the Golden Neuron Award by the World Academy of Neurological Surgery. In addition to his astonishing scientific achievements, he is also very well known for his services to humanity. He is currently leading the “Africa 100” program which will educate 100 young African physicians in the field of neurosurgery. These physicians will return home and will generate hundreds of native specialists in the near future within Africa.

Ms Elham Nili is a postgraduate student at the Queensland Eye Institute. Read her Scientists of QEI feature here.


Image source: https://www.ini-hannover.de/en/ and http://professormadjidsamii.com/en/


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