A science hero of mine is…

A science hero of mine is…

…Charles Darwin (1809-1882). He was the ultimate “big picture” thinker.

His detailed examinations of plants and animals that he encountered on his voyages resulted in his theory of evolution that now serves as a framework for understanding the origins and diversity of all life on our planet. Darwin’s work inspires me to do the best science that I can so that I may also contribute in some small way towards our understanding of life on this planet.

Dr Jenny Young is a postdoctoral scientist at the Queensland Eye Institute. Read her Scientists of QEI feature here.

Image, left: Photograph of Charles Darwin, thought to have been taken in 1854 by Henry Maull and John Fox. Public Domain.
Image, right: Portrait of Charles Darwin by John Collier, 1883 copy of 1881 original. NPG 1024. National Portrait Gallery, London

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