A science hero of mine is…

A science hero of mine is…

…Dr Audra Shadforth, a fellow scientist at the Queensland Eye Institute. Having a passionate, assertive, articulate, and motivated woman in STEMM role model sitting in the desk next to mine, has made a huge difference to me and my PhD experience.

Having someone you can talk to, who has recently been through the same experience, can be a godsend. Not only is Dr Shadforth an amazing research scientist – I learn so much from her work! – but she is a wonderful mentor and friend, too. Having graduated in 2015, she set the example for me to follow and is always open to sharing her knowledge, experiences, and perspectives with me.

Ms Natalie McKirdy is a PhD candidate at the Queensland Eye Institute. Read her Scientists of QEI feature here.

Image: Natalie (left) and Audra on her graduation day.


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